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Earthwaking University

Our Vision is to awaken humanity to our highest and best expression that we were created for. 

We are doing this by developing and sharing a new type of education where the pillars of focus are health, wealth, happiness, relationships and spiritual connection. We are building off the grid, self sustainable 3 Dimensional Freedom Universities all around the world.

The purpose of these Universities will continue to be to provide every person with the tools, resources and community needed to love themselves, love each other and live the incredible, prosperous and fulfilling life they were created to live.
The 5 Subjects We Teach At Earthwaking University
Level 1:  Dis-Oriented
AWAKENED HEALTH (Taking responsibility for your body)

Your body is your temple and should be taken care of. We teach that the mind doesn't live in the body, the body lives in the mind and a healthy body comes from alignment in all 3 dimensions (mental, physical and spiritual). 
Level 2:  Goal-Oriented
AWAKENED WEALTH (Taking responsibility for your external environment)

The key to success in life begins by becoming aware that we are not victims of circumstance but instead creators of our reality. Our thoughts become things. When we focus our attention, will, faith and action toward a desired outcome we move from the position of unconscious consumers to conscious creators. 
Level 3:  Journey-Oriented
AWAKENED HAPPINESS (Taking responsibility for your internal environment)

We are socially conditioned to believe that happiness comes from outside sources. The truth is that the our thoughts and feelings are our own choice. No one can make us happy and no once can make us sad. The events in our lives don't determine how we feel...we do! Joy comes from mastering this skill.
Level 4:  Value-Oriented
AWAKENED RELATIONSHIPS (Taking responsibility for your contribution to others)

Relationships aren't a place you go to get, they are a place you go to give. When we awaken to this, we begin to connect with people at the deepest levels. This is the path of giving and receiving unconditional love.
Level 5:  Soul-Oriented
AWAKENED SPIRITUAL CONNECTION (Taking responsibility for your connection to infinite intelligence)

You can't see the picture when you're inside of it. We must admit to ourselves that we can never logic our way to understanding the purpose for our existence in this universe and we have within us a connection to something much bigger than us that does. Learn to surrender to that inner knowing.


We're a Conscious "Church" For Heart Centered, Free Thinkers!
Earthwaking Church: Do you like the idea of having a high vibration, healthy environment to learn, grow and fellowship with other like minded people but have always felt like something was off at other churches you have been to? 

Did it seem like people cared more about being right than they were about loving and seeing the greatness in each other? Did they claim to have a monopoly on Heaven and if you weren't walking the exact same path as them, then you were out of the club?

If this resonates with you, then you have finally found your tribe. We can't wait to meet you at Earthwaking University this Sunday at 11:30AM CST. We have a non dogmatic, non religious church service full of compassionate, loving and sincere truth seekers. Laugh, cry, sing and grow with us. 

Everyone is welcomed with open arms the way church was meant to be.  Come to Earthwaking University with whatever beliefs you have and leave feeling accepted and inspired. 
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